England Women rugby star banned from driving after crashing her van while drunk

driving while drunk

A female rugby world cup winner, Marlie Packer, who was among the 2014 Women’s Rugby World team. Packer who currently plays for Saracens Women and considered as a star in the England women rugby. She’s currently 29 years and still with a great passion for playing rugby Women. Began playing rugby at an early age. Previously, she has played for the Ivel Barbarians, Bath in (2007 -2009), Wasps in (2013) and later joined Bristol in (2017).

Stories have hit the headlines after the England Women rugby star banned from driving after crashing her van while drunk. Banned from driving, packer has been suspended for 17 months. She collided with another vehicle as she drunkenly tried to swerve into oncoming traffic. The time when the incident happened, Packer was driving home after she came from an evening out.

The rugby women lose forward, the player stopped immediately after the incident occurred and reported to the police that she had been drinking earlier. Later she made a confession for making a bad decision in taking the responsibility of driving while drunk. Lately, she faces the sack from her day job working as a HomeServe plumber.

According to Wimbledon magistrates, several years back as per conviction in 2007, Packer was arrested for driving while she was still drunk and failed to stop after a crash. Admitting about the latest offense, she was fined a total amount of £461 court cost and £131 fees and received the 17 months’ ban.

Chidi Ikwuakolam, who conducted the legal proceedings gave a statement that Packer was driving her red Mercedes van at the time of the crash, which was shortly past 10.30pm, on the September 1st in Kew Road, Richmond. He added that a HomeServe vehicle veered onto the wrong side of the road, where it struck an oncoming vehicle.

The police conducted some investigations and found out Packer had 67 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath, which is estimated to be twice 35 microgram limits. Marie Packer’s Lawyer, Mark Haslam informed the court about Packer, who currently has won 51 England trophies and played for popular women rugby team with a great history of winning, now is being with the brutal reality of losing her job.

He said, “This will affect her and her partner as well since she will definitely lose her job and be faced with unemployment frustrations causing her not be in a position to pay for their bills.” It’s clearly evident that Packer is a capable member of society and a very talented person who is willing to contribute positively toward society.

During her hearing which took place yesterday, Mr. Haslam and his team of drink driving lawyers‌ said that Packer had attended a social function and at the time of incidence she was driving to a short distance back home. This is when a vehicle pulled out at the junction, forcing her to swerve out of her way and turned into the oncoming lane. He added that Packer made an immediate stop to check if the other driver as well.

Packer pleaded guilty to drink driving, and in a statement released by Saracens, said that Packer had no excuse for her recent behaviour. She apologized to the people including friends, family and the club for the unacceptable behaviour. She claimed to take full responsibility for her actions and ask her team members and supporters for forgiveness.

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