England Women rugby star banned from driving after crashing her van while drunk

A female rugby world cup winner, Marlie Packer, who was among the 2014 Women’s Rugby World team. Packer who currently plays for Saracens Women and considered as a star in the England women rugby. She’s currently 29 years and still with a great passion for playing rugby Women. Began playing rugby at an early age. Previously, she has played for the Ivel Barbarians, Bath in (2007 -2009), Wasps in (2013) and later joined Bristol in (2017).

Stories have hit the headlines after the England Women rugby star banned from driving after crashing her van while drunk. Banned from driving, packer has been suspended for 17 months. She collided with another vehicle as she drunkenly tried to swerve into oncoming traffic. The time when the incident happened, Packer was driving home after she came from an evening out.

The rugby women lose forward, the player stopped immediately after the incident occurred and reported to the police that she had been drinking earlier. Later she made a confession for making a bad decision in taking the responsibility of driving while drunk. Lately, she faces the sack from her day job working as a HomeServe plumber.

According to Wimbledon magistrates, several years back as per conviction in 2007, Packer was arrested for driving while she was still drunk and failed to stop after a crash. Admitting about the latest offense, she was fined a total amount of £461 court cost and £131 fees and received the 17 months’ ban.

Chidi Ikwuakolam, who conducted the legal proceedings gave a statement that Packer was driving her red Mercedes van at the time of the crash, which was shortly past 10.30pm, on the September 1st in Kew Road, Richmond. He added that a HomeServe vehicle veered onto the wrong side of the road, where it struck an oncoming vehicle.

The police conducted some investigations and found out Packer had 67 micrograms of alcohol in 100 milliliters of breath, which is estimated to be twice 35 microgram limits. Marie Packer’s Lawyer, Mark Haslam informed the court about Packer, who currently has won 51 England trophies and played for popular women rugby team with a great history of winning, now is being with the brutal reality of losing her job.

He said, “This will affect her and her partner as well since she will definitely lose her job and be faced with unemployment frustrations causing her not be in a position to pay for their bills.” It’s clearly evident that Packer is a capable member of society and a very talented person who is willing to contribute positively toward society.

During her hearing which took place yesterday, Mr. Haslam and his team of drink driving lawyers‌ said that Packer had attended a social function and at the time of incidence she was driving to a short distance back home. This is when a vehicle pulled out at the junction, forcing her to swerve out of her way and turned into the oncoming lane. He added that Packer made an immediate stop to check if the other driver as well.

Packer pleaded guilty to drink driving, and in a statement released by Saracens, said that Packer had no excuse for her recent behaviour. She apologized to the people including friends, family and the club for the unacceptable behaviour. She claimed to take full responsibility for her actions and ask her team members and supporters for forgiveness.

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How do you claim your pension?

A pension is a type of investment account that gives individuals a standard wage, more often after retiring. A state pension is a regular payment from the government that most people can claim later in life. You pay for this through the national insurance contributions you pay in the course of your career.

It is important to know that you will not receive your pension automatically, you should claim it. Then How do you claim your pension? Inform the Pension Office officially by writing about your intention to retire, this should be done not less than two months from the specified retirement date.

The Pension Office will send you a statement of your benefits, as well as the relevant forms to complete the pension claim. Return the forms that indicate the total amount you’d like to collect, as well as your bank account details and your pension, will be paid from your retirement date.

In the event that you don’t receive an invitation from the relevant authorities two months before your government pension, you can still claim it online, but you’ll need to provide extra additional information to verify your identity.

If you choose to continue working after claiming your pension, your earnings will not affect the amount you will receive, although any additional pension you receive for a dependent may be affected.

it is not mandatory to ask for your pension when you achieve the state benefit age. This is called conceding (deferring) and can mean you will get extra benefits when you ask later. The additional sum that you get will rely upon to what extent you need to concede your funds. The state benefits increments are normally by 1% at regular intervals. This may not have any significant returns to you in the event that you are receiving some incentives.

If you are already getting a state pension, you can stop it, for you to an additional state pension or a lump sum later. You can do this only once and normally you must live in Great Britain to enjoy this. You can defer the state pension claim for as long as you want.

You always need to make sure you are using a legitimate service for your financial process so that you don’t have to end up dealing with mis sold pension claims.

To obtain a full and accurate assessment of your personal finances and any tax exemptions, you are always entitled to consult a professional and independent financial advisor, also known as IFA, in your pension contributions. Once you use the pension calculator, your next step is to talk to your employer, bank, insurance company, community or a financial advisor about your pension.

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Family member injured in a work accident – what to do?

How to file an occupational injury is probably something you need to know at some point in your life. Accidents can happen anywhere, and while most accidents occur on the road, there is a significant amount of injuries that occur in the workplace. If you suffer an injury at work, you will need a claim for damages to reimburse your medical bills and your wages. Here are some useful tips to remember when you need to know how to file accident at work claims.

Inform your employer that you have been injured to alert them.
Most companies have their own time limits, during which the employee must inform his employer about the accident, but as a rule, he must inform his employer within 3 days. Tell your employer about all the details of the incident, such as: For example, the location of the accident, the time of the incident, the severity of the injury, and if someone else was injured.

File the claim in writing as soon as possible.
The deadline for filing the claim depends on your organization and the laws in your state, but to be safe, it is always recommended to file a complaint within 7 days after the accident. If for some reason, you can not file the claim within 7 days, you should talk to your employer and find out the time limit for the claim.

Recognize your rights
By law, your employer must report your accident so that it receives adequate compensation. If your employer refuses to file your claim, you must assume responsibility for filing the claim yourself if you allow this process. If you have problems sending your application on time, you may need to consult a lawyer.

If you are claiming an accident at work, you must remember that during the 7 days after disqualification, the aggrieved party will not receive any financial compensation for the work done. However, if an injury causes a person to lose more than 21 business days, the law requires the employer to pay for the first 7 days.

It is important to remember that you must keep your job until you can return to work. So, if you are away from an injury that lasts more than 15 days, you may need to use the family’s medical permission to protect yourself. Remembering these basic tips for the record of damages helps protect you or protect a family member in case of a work-related injury.

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Can a doctor refuse to treat a serious heart disease?

For anyone facing serious medical treatment in the UK, it can be a worrying time but you still have lots of rights which you should be aware of. Patients in the UK have a right to apply for treatment on the NHS, even if you have contributed to the health problem yourself through lifestyle choices.

In the UK, medical professionals have a duty of care to their patients and should always offer available treatment when they have the resources. Of course, there will be times where there is not capacity to treat and you may have to wait for treatment, but there is never a cause for them to flat out refuse you treatment.

In any case where you are refused treatment, you should contact reliable
no win no fee medical negligence solicitors who may be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve if you have suffered the negligence of having your medical treatment refused. This compensation would help you to pay for your medical treatment though private medical care, although you can also seek a legal decision to enforce them to provide medical care.

To find your ideal no win no fee medical negligence solicitors you should look around and see who specialises in such medical negligence cases. They’ll be able to look at the details of your medical situation and advise on where you may have suffered from negligence action.

In the UK, you can approach a legal firm on the basis that if your claim is not successful then you won’t’ have to pay the associated legal costs. There are many no win no fee medical negligence solicitors to choose from across the UK, so you should look around at reviews and ask people their recommendations to get the best choice.

Heart disease is obviously a serious condition that can cause a lot of damage and you should always be given the medical support you need to have the best possible chance of curing it or reducing its impacts on your health and life expectancy. Having expert legal support in your corner is a great way to gain yourself access to the treatment you need and support the future of you and your family.

For more information on the best med neg solicitors in your region, make sure to search online and look up the reviews and testimonial sections. You should also be able to call them for a free consultation on your medical situation and see whether they think you have a legitimate claim for compensation. You should ask them everything you can about how the treatment for your serious heart disease is classified in legal terms and what legal steps you should take next to ensure you get the medical care you need.


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Why You Should Not Do Credit Repair on Your Own

There are thousands of people who have messed up their credits. Thus, they are stuck with several financial problems. Those who believe they can still come out of that mess on their own try to repair their own credit. If you wish to do the same thing, you have to be careful. You might make the situation worse.

The Need for a Good Credit Repair Company
There are people who have proven that they can get out of their financial problems by just repairing their own credit. They might seem inspiring, but you can’t expect to have the same fate. Here are some reasons why you should not take the risk:

You might commit more errors. If you are good in handling your finances in the first place, you must not have messed things up. Dealing with the problem all over again could put you in a deeper financial crisis.
You could possibly give up. If you check your credit and try to solve it but you can’t, you might just throw the white towel. However, if you let other people do it, you can expect them to make it until the finish line since you pay them to do the job.
Unless you have a strong background in finance and the laws concerning credits, you will not solve your problem. Repairing credits take more than just patience and determination. You also need the right knowledge about how the financial system works and all legal issues surrounding it.
You need to work to pay your debts. One reason why your credit score is too low is because you have unpaid debts. When you dedicate your time solving your credits, you might not have time to concentrate on your actual job.
When you have realized that saying I want to repair my credit now is very risky, it might be high time to search for the best company to help you out. There are a lot of established companies all over the US. The only problem is that not all of them are good enough. Therefore, you must set high standards.

Tips in Landing with the Best Credit Repair Company
In order to find the perfect partner in solving your credit repair problem, here are some tips for you:

Compare and contrast the options. You can write the advantages of choosing one company over the other. You can search from websites, brochures, posters or other forms of print ads. You can also inquire the company about the services that they offer.
Don’t fall for unrealistic claims. This is true especially if a company offers a very low rate. You don’t want to put yourself at risk by signing a deal with these companies. You want to land with a company that has a strong reputation and a more realistic offer.
Check the details of the service rates. Avoid companies that have hidden costs. Instead of finding a company to help you solve your problem, they might even drag you even deeper.
It takes time to find the right credit engineer. However, you need to be patient. As long as you have chosen the right people to help you, you will reach the end of it soon, and will not anymore say, repair my credit now.

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Getting the Right Payroll Services

People work to earn money, and businesses thrive because of their people. Thus, workers should be paid accordingly if you want to keep them in your business. Company payroll involves not only the workers, but also tax collecting agencies, and your business’ accounting system. Precise payroll results to your clear accountability to the people and entity involved in the system. It can also save you from stress and time wastage since you have to backtrack and straighten things out come tax time.

Ethical Issue
Beyond legal issues, precise payroll is first an ethical issue. If you hire employees, you are responsible in paying them for the service they render, and that means paying them right. Once an employee is hired, not just a contractual relationship is entered into by both parties; but also a moral obligation. He must be accountable for his job, while you, as the employer, should make sure he gets the right compensation. Regardless if you do it deliberately or not, inaccurate payroll is unjust since you are not giving them what they should get. If you think you are not that good in managing payroll, there are third party specialists who can help you. You can outsource payroll job from firms in the UK so you can have peace of mind that you are doing the right thing.

Legal Issues
As a business owner, you are fully accountable to tax obligations. You are required to comply with the PAYE or Pay as You Earn system. This system obliges you to deduct income tax as well as insurance contribution from the pay given to the employee, and must be sent to HRMC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs). Proper record keeping must also be done. Software is typically used and the details must be sent to HRMC as well. You also have to issue pay slips to your employees, showing their gross pay and detailing the deductions. If these technicalities overwhelm you, consider acquiring payroll services in the UK, because their core competence is complying with all the tax and insurance obligations of small to large-scale businesses.

Business Information
In business, information must be accurate. A correct payroll accounting is a valuable source of information that will aid in determining if a company earns or not. They can know if they are spending too much and on which area. Payroll accounting can be evaluated relatively to gross business revenue in case the company is earning insufficiently. Thus, it is an essential tool to come up with some cost-saving changes.

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